The inspiration behind this post was the Gossies 17 drama between Rosemary MacCabe and the rest of the “influencers”. I do mean that to be a bitchy as it looks. We are all human we all have flaws. Some of these influencers do not put a very honest image of themselves forward. Note I said some…not all.  Nobel Prize winners should be influencers, charity workers should be influencers any person who dedicates their lives to helping others should be influencers. People who tell me what make up I should be wearing or how I should whiten my teeth should not be called an “influencer”. Suggester could possibly be a better option. Now I realise I have opened my generation bully piece with a dig… now have I become something that I am completely against? It’s not that I hate bloggers and all they do – shur I’m chancing it myself! I just don’t think influencer is a good title to be throwing around the place!

Bullies have always been around. They come in many different versions and have many disguises. Girl bullies have evolved from whispering in the corner of the playground to targeting girls online. I am so thankful that I didn’t grow up in this era. I know I’m not exactly ninety but bullies “back in my day” used to basically thrive in the schoolyard. Now, with social media bullies have home access too. How horrible is that? Like imagine if didn’t have a live feed on their Facebook page. Imagine if there was no snapchat? Vogue’s dig wouldn’t have gotten such a platform. Sure, you might not like the girl but did she single you out in front of a bunch of your work mates?

So I did read (and reread) Rosemary’s blog (which you can see for yourself here) on why she chose not to go. From my reading of the post she basically was saying that she wasn’t bothered about pretending for the night that she’s best friends with everyone. I did sense from the article she was unsure who to hang out with at it and decided that the €150 ticket for her other half was a bit saucy (which after Christmas is totally understandable). Vogue was not singled out in the article but there was a picture of Vogue posing with her award from last year. No dig there. The image was only used to show off the award. I didn’t read any intentional dig in it. So why the childish dig?

One thing that sometimes I feel that some bloggers seem to only realise the numbers of followers they have. Snapchat does not reveal the age bracket of their followers.  So for every teenager (and younger) follower of every snapchat star who wanted to watch to see how their favourite blogger got up to on their eagerly anticipated night out. When I saw that there was a live Facebook feed it was almost perfect. The viewers/audience were going to be there too! Ideal!

Now, for me, the whole thing was underwhelming. It was great to see the style at the start but it did turn out to be one big popularity contest. Each to their own. What I didn’t really like was the announced dig so publicly and so distastefully. Really? Who cares? In fairness why did it matter so much that somebody didn’t want to go?

So with that in mind, what kind of example are influencers showing younger people? Does not being part of the “it” crowd leave you open to ridicule? Does it all boil down to the need to be accepted by people? Do we have to make a dig at someone who seems to think differently to us? Grown women being mean to other women in order to get approval from other women? So how are young followers going to think about others when they see people hailed as “influencers” basically tease a workmate who wasn’t there to stand up for themselves?

Growing up not being in the “it” crowd has made me very aware or what people were willing to do to be part of the crowd. I have witnessed and been victim to workplace bullying before where older women felt the need to basically treat others like shit to show everyone else how important they were. Are we that insecure that we prefer to see people fail than succeed? Do we really have to make “a dig” if someone voices an opinion different to ours?

Girl bitching/bullying has been around longer than the wheel. It is something that everyone has had some experience of be it as a witness or a victim.  Is it really something that we want to continue with younger generations? With technology growing so much and children having more access to global forums do we really want girls to be influenced to bully?  Hopefully, people with influencer status will grow wise to their younger audience and be aware that certain mannerisms could have wider consequences for a younger generation.

Bullying can happen at any age. If you are feeling hurt or isolated by another person’s actions make sure to talk about it to somebody. Have a look at the links to learn more.

Spunout Article

HSE Advice


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